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Blissful practiCes anchored in ancient traditions brought to you by Katisha Sunshine

Himalayan Breathwork

Kriya Kundalini practices that shift your energy, regulate your nervous system and create a peaceful mind to live up to your full potential.

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Weekly Himalayan Breathwork / Meditation sessions in the comfort of your own home.

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Healing Modalities on the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Zenthai Shiatsu Treaments, Vibro-Acoustic Therapy and Instrument Soundbaths on the Sunshine Coast.

Let yourself be nourished in the most heart-centered way to truly let go, and fully rise and shine.

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About Katisha Sunshine

A joyful and compassionate yoga instructor and breathwork facilitator with a mission to inspire students to connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits through the practice of yoga.

She leads heart-driven classes that are truly an uplifting and empowering experience.

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Accredited Zenthai Shiatsu and Breathwork on the Sunshine Coast

Life is a reaction of the ever arising content in the field of your consciousness.

Practising Pranayama & Kundalini Kriya techniques anchored in Himalayan ancient tradition is profoundly impactful and will truly transform your life.

It stabilities your nervous system and stops the ever arising chatter that goes on in your head.

Silence allows intelligence to flow and love to happen.

Discover your buddha-nature, cleanse your energy and bring your body into the optimal state with a blisswithinyou session by Katisha Sunshine.

Living and acting from a place of love and the embodiment that is the essence of truly leaving an imprint on this earth, in your own unique ways, becomes possible.

I’m here to live the greatest love story, the one with myself and life as it evolves from moment to moment.

Invest in yourself and let me help you to create your personal love story with life.

Come home to yourself, to the blisswithinyou.

Katisha Sunshine

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