About your facilitator – Katisha Sunshine

Her spiritual journey started 2016 in Thailand, where she received blessings by a Thai Monk in a traditional ceremony in a temple near Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. She always has been intrinsically drawn to the Buddhist Teachings, but from that moment on, she felt an even stronger pull to put them into action and create real magic for others.

A couple of years ago, she accomplished a 10 day Vipassana sitting at the Dhamma centre in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Pomona, where she dived deep into her subconscious and connected fully with her inner wisdom. Since then, she established a regular meditation practise based on the teachings received that has helped her to evolve toward cosmic consciousness which enables a state of full presence.

She was hungry to explore more of ancient wisdom to serve others on multiple levels, so she completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the foothills of the Himalayas. After that, she spent years integrating the philosophy, practises and teachings anchored in ancient traditions. Katisha has a passion for awakening the light in others, helping them living a heart-centred life and stepping into their full power.

She truly embodies the connection to the divine and lives a spiritual life. 2021 she founded The Sunshine Togetherness to radiate out the message for more consciousness, more loving kindness, and more presence in the here and now. Since then, she facilitated hundreds of events taking her students through Himalayan Breathwork techniques, Yoga and Meditation practises.

What her students say:

“The best breathwork class I’ve ever attended. Katisha is wonderful and caters to all levels of experience. Recommend ☺️” Sean N.

“I had a great session with Katisha. It was my first Himalayan Breathwork session and I got a lot out of it. For the hour, I experienced shift and reprieve from my stuff, which I am still feeling after the session. Katisha’s instructions, example and practise was clear, easy to follow and gentle. Katisha presented a really lovely energy and created a save and lovely space which was conducive to my healing practise. Thank you Katisha 🙏” Andrew D.

“A huge thank you for the session last Sunday. It was truly amazing and I will join in again this coming Sunday.” Julie S.

“Katisha guided me through my first Himalayan Breathwork class. Katisha brings a positive and loving energy to her class. I am a regular because at every session I leave with a different level spiritually then when I arrived.” Clint P.

Life is a reaction of the ever arising content in the field of your consciousness.

Practising Pranayama & Kundalini Kriya techniques anchored in Himalayan ancient tradition is profoundly impactful and will truly transform your life.

It stabilities your nervous system and stops the ever arising chatter that goes on in your head.

Silence allows intelligence to flow and love to happen.

Discover your buddha-nature, cleanse your energy and bring your body into the optimal state with a blisswithinyou session by Katisha Sunshine.

Living and acting from a place of love and the embodiment that is the essence of truly leaving an imprint on this earth, in your own unique ways, becomes possible.

I’m here to live the greatest love story, the one with myself and life as it evolves from moment to moment.

Invest in yourself and let me help you to create your personal love story with life.

Come home to yourself, to the blisswithinyou.

Katisha Sunshine

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